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    Governance and compliance

    ????????????? Governance and complianceOur business is built on trust, so it's critical that we conduct our activities with honesty and integrity, comply with best practice and meet the highest standards of corporate governance.

    Corporate governance

    The Gemalto Board is committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate governance. We aim for a rich blend of experience around the table to provide broad insights into the global technological environment in which we operate. For more information on Gemalto's governance structure see our 2017 Annual Repor?t.

    Ethical conduct?

    Our Code of Et?hics?, anti-fraud framework and policy of responsible financial management are essential parts of the Gemalto's culture. In 2017 we trained some 396 key people in anti-fraud, anti-bribery, anti-trust and ethics and some 1615 employees in CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States), trade compliance and bribery laws topics.

    .More info on Code? of Ethics?? [PDF - 1.2mb] 

    Control and compliance

    We are committed to full compliance with international, regional and local customs and trade control laws, regulations and directives wherever we do business. Our focus areas include: trade compliance; compliance with relevant industry directives and regulations; quality and reliability; human rights; and data privacy and security regulations. ????  

    *Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States

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